MissNeverWas (superho) wrote in downwithwalmart,

Please help keep Wal-Mart out of WA


Wal-Mart is threatening to build a second store in the city Mill Creek (Bothell), WA; within 10 miles of the present store.

Wal-Mart is notorious for low wages, providing little to no health care, and stiffing employees of their breaks and overtime pay. Wal-Mart currently has many overtime pay, sexual harrassment, and workplace injury lawsuits pending.

Wal-Mart does not take responsibility for the damage it causes to the environment. The company bullies its vendors and drives small businesses out of town. In the end consumers are not saving money by shopping at Wal-Mart, because many other people in small business lose their jobs and the community ends up paying for the health care of Wal-Mart employees.

The money made in Wal-Mart stores does not stay in local banks to stimulate the local economy- it all gets sent back East to where the company is based. Keep in mind that many of the products in Wal-Mart are cheap not only because the company pays their employees very little, but because they are made by workers overseas who endure horrible working conditions and work for almost nothing.

Furthermore, a Wal-Mart placed on the 132nd street location would be a traffic nightmare and also a safety concern due to the two schools located across the street.

If you oppose the proposed Wal-Mart on 132nd street I urge you to become involved.

Even if you do as little as write a letter to the local editor of the Enterprise or spread the word to others about Wal-Mart it could make a difference.

A local group of citizens is forming to oppose a second Wal-Mart. This group plans on circulating petitions, waving signs, writing letters, and attending city council meetings.

THE NEXT MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE TUESDAY, AUGUST 30TH AT ROUND TABLE PIZZA IN MILL CREEK. If you would like to become involved or offer support please show up!

Other communities such as Stanwood have been successful in keeping Wal-Mart out. We can do it, too! Please leave a comment if you have questions.

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