tysquared (tysquared) wrote in downwithwalmart,

Once again Wal-Mart sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months ago, I told myself that I have to put my money were my mouth is, so I stoped shopping at Wal-mart. Well, to day I gave them another chance. My grandmother told me she had taken my car once before to Wal-Mart to get the battery replaced, so I thought well, I will take it back there. We I arrived some man was having words with a manager, but I could not hear what it was about. Then I stud there and finally grabed a guy and asked who I needed to talk to and he told me. I then go into the auto motive counter and they were busy checking out people who did not have time to wait in line up front. Anyway when I got my turn the lady left to answer the phone and just left me standing there. Then finally took care of it all and left my car. Hours later, I found out instead of placing a new battery in my car they changed the oil, and found out they did the same thing to everyone that day. If you came for a tire change you had your oil changed, then they made me pay for it even if that is not what I wanted or asked for. Any way when I asked about my battery, I was told "we do not know how to change a battery in a car, then the other said well we do we just don't feel like changing batteries today" I later told well, we see you bought your last battery at Napa so why don't you just go back there and get another one, because we don't have time to change batteries. Then another guy told me we don't care if you leave, we alread had 12 people leave mad already.

I want to complain about it but I know nothing will be done.

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